BPI Challenge 2020

The tenth International Business Process Intelligence Challenge is again co-located with ICPM. This challenge provides participants with a real-life event log, and challenges them to analyze these data using whatever techniques available, focusing on one or more of the process owner’s questions or proving other unique insights into the process(es) captured in the event log.

In many organizations, staff members travel for work. They travel to customers, to conferences or to project meetings and these travels are sometimes expensive. As an employee of an organization, you do not have to pay for your own travel expenses, but the company takes care of them.

For this year’s Business Process Intelligence Challenge, we collected data from the reimbursement process at TU/e. The files contain data from 2017 (only two departments) and 2018 the full TU/e.

The data is split into travel permits and several request types, namely domestic declarations, international declarations, prepaid travel costs and requests for payment, where the latter refers to expenses which should not be related to trips (think of representation costs, hardware purchased for work, etc.).

At Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), this is no different. The TU/e staff travels a lot to conferences or to other universities for project meetings and/or to meet up with colleagues in the field. And, as many companies, they have procedures in place for arranging the travels as well as for the reimbursement of costs.

We strongly encourage people to use any tools, techniques, methods at their disposal. There is no need to restrict to open-source tools, and proprietary tools as well as techniques developed or implemented specifically for this challenge are welcome.

We’re still sorting out the details, but in the meantime, the data is available on https://icpmconference.org/2020/bpi-challenge/ and you are all invited to contribute.

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