Conformance Checking: A Systemic View

Dongen, B. F. V. (2022). Conformance Checking: A Systemic View. In A. Marrella, & B. Weber (Eds.), Business Process Management Workshops – BPM 2021 International Workshops, Revised Selected Papers (pp. 61-72). (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing; Vol. 436 LNBIP).


Within the field of process mining, conformance checking plays an important role. While conformance checking initially mainly served as a way to explain the difference between an event log and a discovered process model, it since has evolved to a field of study in which the aim is to understand the relation between observed and modelled behaviour in the context of an abstract process. So far, however, the focus has mainly been on the relation between an observed instance of a process and a model of that process. In other words, conformance checking considers the relation between a single observed instance of a process and a model of that process. In this keynote, we advocate a systemic view on conformance checking. Through a series of examples, we show how a single-instance perspective would result in overlooking deviations and we provide initial ideas to resolve this and we show the theoretic framework to overcome these challenges.

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