Designing Micro-intelligences for Situated Affective Computing

Lövei, P., Nazarchuk, I., Aslam, S., Yu, B., Megens, C. J. P. G., & Sidorova, N. (2021). Designing Micro-intelligences for Situated Affective Computing. In R-H. Liang, A. Chiumento, P. Pawełczak, & M. Funk (Eds.), CHIIOT 2021: Workshops on Computer Human Interaction in IoT Applications


In this position paper we show how micro-intelligences can be used to remotely collect behavioral, contextual and experiential data. We introduce two micro-intelligences that are built for being the physiological and affect annotation layers of a broader intelligent ecosystem. We describe how we used this system to conduct rapid, autoethnographic experiments to understand how working from home impacts emotional states and physiology of office employees. We discuss how our micro-intelligences build on top of one another and how they can be enriched using a qualitative reflection layer. We aim to inspire novel directions for creating situated, adaptive design interventions that can enable affective computing using IoT components.

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