HA700 Honors part 1 track Big Data

Big Data

In today’s connected world, data is everywhere and everybody talks about the analysis of “big data”. But what is this big data exactly and what can you do with it? In this track, you will learn about the state-of-the-art in data analysis through a number of company visits and literature. You will experience that data analysis requires more than just good mathematical algorithms, but also good visualization techniques and considerations of ethical issues.

First year: the Data Analysis Challenge

You will dive into the world of big data analysis through process mining. You will learn how big data can add value to just about any company and you will enter into a real data analysis competition to show your skills.

Click here to read more about the Data Analysis Challenge.

Second year: the value of Big Data

In the first year you experienced what it was like to analyze a given dataset to answer a concrete problem in the context of a competition where the data was prepared and the question was explicit. In this year, you will experience another side of big data, namely obtaining the right data to answer a customer question. In groups of five students at the most, you will be contacting a company looking for a data analysis question. Together with the company, you formulate a concrete question and you will start extracting data necessary to answer that question. Of course you also execute the analysis required. You will be supported by our staff to set up initial contacts, but after that: you’re on your own! Show the value of big data!


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