István Ketykó

Position: PhD
Room: MF 7.070
Tel (internal): 6023
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Recent courses

  • 2AMI20 Advanced Process Mining - Understanding and predicting behavior of people and machines in a shared setting (task, project, factory, process, organization) is central to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Actions of people and machines can be recorded as discrete events in event sequences (logs), event databases (tables, graphs), and real-time event streams. Learning behavioral models of discrete event data Read More ...
  • JBG030 DBL Data Challenge - The objective of the Data Challenge courses is to teach students how to perform large-scale data-driven analyses themselves, combining the technical skills acquired earlier in the Data Science program with insights gained in methodological courses. In the first Data Challenge 1, students will get the possibility to apply the methods and techniques acquired during the Read More ...

Recent presentations

Recent projects

  • Smart Journey Mining: Towards successful digitalisation of services - The digitalisation of our society’s service systems has fundamentally changed the way services are delivered to, and experienced by, humans. Although digital services are supposed to simplify our lives and increase our efficiency, they often frustrate and burden customers, users, and employees. The overall goal is to increase the quality of services and support the Read More ...

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