N-out-of-M patterns in alignments

Aligning structured process models to event logs is a far from trivial task. In complex modelling languages, inclusive OR-split/join patterns play an important role and they are known to be notoriously difficult to align to event logs due to their large state-spaces.

The known Petri net translations of OR-joins rely either on token coloring or on structured combinations of co-called tau transitions to route the tokens in the Petri net mimicking the OR-join semantics. In this project, we investigate alternative translations of OR-joins/splits to Petri nets which are optimized for alignment computations. This means we are not looking for sound translations, but rather relaxed or easy sound ones. However, the close relation between the Petri net, its incidence matrix and the heuristic function in alignments needs to be taken into consideration.

Finally, we aim to generalize the classical OR join (skip at most M-1 out of M options) to a (N out of M version, where the requirement is to execute N out of M submodels).

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