On the Contextualization of Event-Activity Mappings

Koschmider, A., Mannhardt, F., & Heuser, T. (2019). On the Contextualization of Event-Activity Mappings. In F. Daniel, Q. Z. Sheng, & H. Motahari (Eds.), Business Process Management Workshops – BPM 2018 International Workshops, Revised Papers (pp. 445-457). (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing; Vol. 342). Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-11641-5_35


Event log files are used as input to any process mining algorithm. A main assumption of process mining is that each event has been assigned to a distinct process activity already. However, such mapping of events to activities is a considerable challenge. The current status-quo is that approaches indicate only likelihoods of mappings, since there is often more than one possible solution. To increase the quality of event to activity mappings this paper derives a contextualization for event-activity mappings and argues for a stronger consideration of contextual factors. Based on a literature review, the paper provides a framework for classifying context factors for event-activity mappings. We aim to apply this framework to improve the accuracy of event-activity mappings and, thereby, process mining results in scenarios with low-level events.

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