Open Source Software

The PA group aims to impact society by developing open-source software that is widely used. Our tools serve as examples for commercial systems. This impact is illustrated by the number of downloads. YAWL has been downloaded more than 265,000 times (approx. 55,000 times last year), ProM has been downloaded more than 133,000 times (approx. 23,000 times last year), and CPN Tools has been downloaded more than 87,000 times (approx. 9,000 times last year). Note that ProM, YAWL, and CPN Tools are not commodity tools, but advanced software products related to the business process analysis and enactment. Hence, these numbers are quite remarkable. Our open-source software tools also serve as examples for developers of commercial tools. For example, our ideas related to process mining have been used in BPM|one, Reflect, Disco, and ARIS PPM.

We have applied ProM in over 100 organizations. Examples are municipalities (about 20 in total, e.g., Alkmaar, Heusden, and Harderwijk), government agencies (e.g., Rijkswaterstaat, Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau, and the Dutch Justice department), insurance related agencies (e.g., UWV), banks (e.g., ING Bank), hospitals (e.g., AMC hospital and Catharina hospital), multinationals (e.g., DSM and Deloitte), high-tech system manufacturers and their customers (e.g., Philips Healthcare, ASML, Ricoh, and Thales), and media companies (e.g., Winkwaves).

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