Performance mining for batch processing using the performance spectrum

Klijn, E. L., & Fahland, D. (2019). Performance mining for batch processing using the performance spectrum. In 15th International Workshop on Business Process Intelligence


Performance analysis from process event logs is a central element of business process management and improvement. Established performance analysis techniques aggregate time-stamped event data to identify bottlenecks or to visualize process performance indicators over time. These aggregation-based techniques are not able to detect and quantify the performance of time-dependent performance patterns such as batches. In this paper, we propose a first technique for mining performance features from the recently introduced performance spectrum. We present an algorithm to detect batches from event logs even in case of batches overlapping with non-batched cases, and we propose several measures to quantify batching performance. Our analysis of public real-life event logs shows that we can detect batches reliably, batching performance differs significantly across processes, across activities within a process, and our technique even allows to detect effective changes to batching policies regarding consistency of processing.

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