Print media identification based on sensor data (with Océ)

Océ is a Netherlands-based company that develops, manufactures and sells printing and copying hardware and related software. Their cut-sheet production printers are used to produce millions of prints on a daily basis. Print jobs may involve printing on different paper stock, which is loaded in the various paper trays of the machine. Print operators are mainly busy with loading the printer with new paper and unloading the printed paper stacks. As this is a human task, errors are made in the process, especially in loading the paper trays with the correct paper stock.

Using the wrong media for a print job may lead to print quality issues and is most often unacceptable for the print buyer. For these reasons, a timely and automatic detection that the wrong media is loaded is needed to guarantee the overall production quality.

Your assignment is to use machine learning to determine whether the loaded paper media in a paper tray actually matches the medium specified on the printer. As input, a set of data can be used that is logged during the printer operation.

Offered Position

You are pursuing a master’s degree (M.Sc) in Data Science and are looking for an inspiring internship of three to six months at a large R&D facility in the Netherlands. You like to work in a team, but you are also able to work independently. To be able to fullfil the assignment in the given timeframe, you have in-depth knowledge about databases, machine learning algorithms and programming. If needed you are able to acquire the right domain knowledge by talking to the various domain experts at our R&D site.


For more information, please contact Dr. Renate Medeiros de Carvalho or Peter Kruizinga from Océ, tel. +31 (0)77 359 2668.

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