Real-Time Prediction of Traveler Flow within Digital Stations

In the last decennia the pressure on different types of mobility have severely increased in the Netherlands. Therefor the need for availability and reliability has increased. Siemens Mobility supplies solutions in the Netherlands that contribute to the accessibility and quality of life in this regard. With the help of different technologies, data is being unlocked which make the provided mobility and its passenger flow more transparent. This enables Siemens to analyze and modulate these systems in better way.

  • Currently Siemens Mobility has begun a project of installing and managing traveler counting sensors at railway stations over the coming years. These sensors provide anonymous passenger flow data within the stations and outbound directions. (Figure 1)
  • Together with sensor data from car traffic flow on main intersection within the city, makes for an interesting set of data to be explored. (Figure 2)

Figure 1: Mapping of traveler flow on station

Figure 2: Overview of main intersections car traffic












This newly found data raises the questions how the passengers use the different modalities, how interdependent the modalities are and what other factors may influence their usage.

Eventually a clear insight, regarding intermodal and external correlations, together with a real-time prediction model into traveler flows within the assigned train stations, is expected.

During your assignment you will be coached by an experienced Siemens supervisor in the field of data science and cloud engineering. On top of that you will become part of the digital team of Siemens Mobility integrating your ideas into frontier solutions for optimizing modal processes. Siemens is looking for an enthusiastic graduation intern that has affinity with data science and automation.


For more information, contact dr. ing. Marwan Hassani.

Graduating at Siemens Mobility

A challenging internship in a professional working environment with much room to develop yourself. You will follow an introduction program which will be your first step into the company and its wide network of people.


For Siemens, interns and graduates are important. You have the ability to let us stay sharp and show us new ideas and methods that help us grow. That’s why we take your internship- or graduation period seriously. In return we will guide you in these intense times to make sure you will not only learn the basics but help you get everything out of your time at Siemens.

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