Revealing work practices in hospitals using process mining

Mannhardt, F., & Toussaint, P. J. (2018). Revealing work practices in hospitals using process mining. In G. O. Klein, D. Karlsson, A. Moen, & A. Ugon (Eds.), Building Continents of Knowledge in Oceans of Data: The Future of Co-Created eHealth – Proceedings of MIE 2018 (pp. 281-285). (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics; Vol. 247). IOS Press.


In order to improve health care processes (both in terms of quality and efficiency), we do need insight into how these processes are actually executed in reality. Interviewing health personnel and observing them in their work, are proven field-work techniques for gaining this insight. In this paper, we will introduce a complementary technique. This technique, called process mining, is based on the automatic analysis of digital events, registered in different information systems that support clinical work. Based on an event log, process mining can help in constructing a model of the process (discovery) or with checking to which extend an actual process confirms to a prescriptive model of it (conformance). This paper will briefly discuss two examples, which illustrate the use of process mining.

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