When Portfolio Management meets Process Mining Challenges and Opportunities

FLIGHTMAP is Bicore’s flagship software solution for portfolio management. Since its launch in 2010, a growing group of international clients, such as DAF, Océ, and Fokker, have implemented FLIGHTMAP. With this tooling, they can perform roadmapping, budget and resource planning, scenario analysis, planning and tracking, and more. More information about FLIGHTMAP is available via www.flightmap.com. The figure above shows a screenshot of the tool obtained after the portfolio analysis

To keep its leading position, Bicore continuously develops its innovative functionality for decision support and the ease of use and embedding. Next to this core functionality, FLIGHTMAP has additional modules, such as the HUB for connecting to external systems. The major next steps in development are upgrades to the latest front-end technologies and a stepwise migration to the cloud.

As an important step to make FLIGHTMAP smarter in decision support, we are looking to leverage new insights from process mining and data analytics into FLIGHTMAP’s functionality.

Bicore is looking for candidates for a Master Thesis internship in the area of process and data mining to bring new insights and link them to FLIGHTMAP’s next releases.

The assignment should look into the best way to harvest best practices in portfolio analysis and portfolio reviews, as well as project selection. Since FLIGHTMAP is running for more than 7 years, a lot of historical data is available to work with. Where possible, we would like to link the results of mining to specific recommendations.

In discussion with academic expert sin this fields, the application of process mining techniques are much more common in the traditional transaction systems domain. Applying them in the decision support domain of FLIGHTMAP gives rise to interesting research questions, as well as to practical relevance.

You will work closely with the development and delivery team of FLIGHTMAP to align, and contribute to the FLIGHTMAP roadmap.


For more information, contact Massimiliano de Leoni.

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