Yet Another Workflow Language


YAWL is a BPM/Workflow system, based on a concise and powerful modelling language, that handles complex data transformations, and full integration with organizational resources and external Web Services. YAWL offers:

  • the most powerful process specification language for capturing control-flow dependencies and resourcing requirements.
  • native data handling using XML Schema, XPath and XQuery.
  • a formal foundation that makes its specifications unambiguous and allows automated verification.
  • a service-oriented architecture that provides an environment that can easily be tuned to specific needs.


As per 2016, YAWL includes an auto-update feature. These auto-updates are not included in the statistics below, which explains why the number of downloads per year has dropped.

From To Downloads Cumulative downloads
Oct 1, 2016 Sep 30, 2017 5,400 270,400
Oct 1, 2015 Sep 30, 2016 55,000 265,000
Oct 1, 2014 Sep 30, 2015 30,000 210,000


  • YAWL (includes downloads)

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