Data-driven Product Design at Philips Healthcare (3 Master projects)

The study of user behaviour is an important part of the product design process. This process is particularly more difficult when dealing with products that require very complex user interaction. Therefore, obtaining as much product usage information as possible is needed, since it can reveal patterns in the user behaviour that indicate a misalignment between the use intended by product designers and the actual use. Most often, there are a lot of assumptions made when designing that are either based on domain knowledge or on personal expertise. Traditional techniques such as interviews or reviewing customer complaints provide a restricted view of the behaviour of a small set of users.

Philips Healthcare is using data-driven techniques, in particular the analysis of event data of product usage, to improve both the design of products and the design process itself.

A prior Master project by the PA group and Philips Healthcare showed first promising results. Philips Health wants to continue research in this area with 3 new Master projects.


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