Multi-perspective process mining

Mannhardt, F. (2018). Multi-perspective process mining. In W. van den Aalst, F. Casati, R. Conforti, M. de Leoni, M. Dumas, A. Kumar, J. Mendling, S. Nepal, B. Pentland, … B. Weber (Eds.), Proceedings of the Dissertation Award, Demonstration, and Industrial Track at BPM 2018: Sydney, Australia, September 9-14, 2018. (pp. 41-45). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings; No. 2196).


Process mining methods analyze an organization’s processes by using process execution data. During the handling of a process instance data about the execution of activities is recorded. Process mining uses such data to gain insights about the real execution of processes. In this thesis, we address research challenges in which a multi-perspective view on processes is needed and that look beyond the control-flow perspective, which defines the sequence of activities of a process. We consider problems in which multiple interacting process perspectives — in particular control-flow, data, resources, time, and functions — are considered together. The contributed methods span several types of process mining: two are concerned with conformance checking, two are process discovery techniques, and one is a decision mining method. All methods have been implemented, evaluated, and applied in the context of four case studies.

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