Rashid Zaman

Position: PhD Student
Room: MF 7.062
Tel (internal): 6322
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Recent courses

  • 2AMI20 Advanced Process Mining - Understanding and predicting behavior of people and machines in a shared setting (task, project, factory, process, organization) is central to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Actions of people and machines can be recorded as discrete events in event sequences (logs), event databases (tables, graphs), and real-time event streams. Learning behavioral models of discrete event data Read More ...
  • JM0210 Real-Time Process Mining (JADS) - The Real-Time Process Mining course is an advanced master-level process mining course where the following main contents will be covered: Dimensionality reduction and efficient preprocessing of log files Stream data mining Advanced topics in process mining, like: stream process discovery, online conformance checking and concept drift detection When the focus shifts to advanced topics in Read More ...

Recent presentations

Recent projects

  • BPR4GDPR - Business Process Re-engineering for General Data Protection Regulation Description The goal of BPR4GDPR is to provide a holistic framework able to support end-to-end GDPR-compliant intra- and interorganisational ICT-enabled processes at various scales, while also being generic enough, fulfilling operational requirements covering diverse application domains. To this end, proposed solutions will have a strong semantic foundation Read More ...

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