TACTICS – Techniques for the Analysis of Client-Team InteraCtionS


In various care and service settings (e.g. mental healthcare, youth care, social work), teams of professionals interact with clients to improve their well-being. The TACTICS project aims at the development of automated techniques to generate insights into the evolving statuses of such clients as well as the way how actions of care teams influence clients. The inputs for these algorithms are large sets of heterogeneous, operational data, such as team reports, sensor data, client records and emergency reports.

This project address various data handling and data analytics challenges. First of all, it will be necessary to align sets of heterogeneous and partially unstructured data. Secondly, the concept of a client status, which is non-protocolled, must be developed from this data. Thirdly, it must become feasible to automatically detect the characteristics and variations in team practices. Finally, the team practices need to be related to how client statuses develop over time, such that care organisations can transfer beneficial work practices from one team to the other.



  • Hajo Reijers - Prof.dr.ir. Hajo Reijers is a part-time, full professor of Information Systems at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e). He is also a full professor in Business Informatics at VU University Amsterdam. He is also affiliated to the TiasNimbas Business School, where he is involved as one of the core lecturers in the Executive Master of Operations Read More ...
  • Natalia Sidorova - Dr. Natalia Sidorova is assistant professor at the PA group. She actively works on topics related to process modeling and verification. The application domains include business processes and distributed systems. She has published more than 70 conference and journal papers. She is active in the Health and Wellbeing Action Line of EIT ICT Labs, taking Read More ...
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Former staff

  • Joos Buijs - Joos Buijs’ current research interests include Process mining in healthcare and Learning analytics. Next to these research topics Joos is also involved in MOOC creation. Related to the learning analytics of course, we also create MOOCs on the topic of process mining. There is the Coursera MOOC “Process Mining: Data Science in Action”. And on Read More ...
  • Murian Dos Reis Ribeiro - Position: PhD Student Room: MF 7.109 Tel (internal): Links: TU/e page Courses Projects
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