ProM 6.12 released

AlphaRevisitExperiments 6.12.20, by Aaron Küsters DiSCover 6.12.50, by Eric Verbeek ExogenousData 6.11.1, by Sander Leemans and Adam Banham ExtendedHybridMiner 6.12.9, by Humam Kourani and Chiara Di Francescomarini LongDistanceDependencies 6.12.19, by Sander Leemans LPMSupportedWords 6.12.4, by Mitchel Brunings StochasticLabelledPetriNets 6.12.44, by Sander Leemans, Fabrizio Maggi, and Marco Montali See also our ProM 6.12 development page.

ProM 6.11 released

Today, October 13th, 2021, ProM 6.11 has been released. The framework of ProM 6.11 fixes a bug that resulted in an attempt to show a modal dialog even when using the (headless) CLI context. New packages in ProM 6.11 AdvancedEventLogFiltering 6.11.38, by Daniel Tacke genannt Unterberg CounterfactualExplanation 6.11.8, by Mahnaz Qafari ERPSimulator 6.11.1, by Gyunam Read More …